Drumlin Series Homes by James Craig Builders

Wisconsin Home Builders Develop Drumlin Series Homes

James Craig Builders creates homes designed to fulfill the dreams of our clients. We work with every family to discover their unique needs and wants. We’ve come to the realization not everyone’s dream home is as elaborate as all the luxurious homes we’ve built in the past. We set out to design a series of homes catering to clients with simpler tastes and needs without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

Wisconsin Home Builder Information

James Craig Builders is proud to present the new Drumlin Series homes.

This new line of homes adheres to the same standards of craftsmanship as every other James Craig home. Each fundamental aspect of the home is constructed with great attention to detail, never cutting a corner. Our experienced home builders take all the right steps to avoid drafty windows, squeaky floors and other common problems found in homes. With fewer design options, the Drumlin series is perfect for those looking for James Craig quality but aren't looking for the same level of customization. Whether your tastes are extravagant or more on the simple, subtle side, you’ll love your James Craig home.

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