Milwaukee Home Builders for Sustainable Homes

Building Energy Efficient Homes in Milwaukee and Throughout SE Wisconsin

Green building means building in a way reducing a home’s impact on the environment and our health. Eco-friendly homes have a number of benefits for homeowners including lower ownership costs, improved indoor air quality, and superior performance against cold, heat, and moisture.

At James Craig, we’ve always been committed to green building because it’s simply a better way to build a home. Participation in the ENERGY STAR® Homes Program is part of our commitment to building homes designed to perform year after year.

Following are the green features included standard in every James Craig home. We focus on achieving sustainability by using recycled building materials, energy efficient appliances, and the latest eco-friendly construction techniques.

Wisconsin Home Builder Information


  • New Home Build WindowsHigh-quality windows, shingles and other building materials have a longer lifecycle reducing waste in landfills
  • Fiber-cement siding carries a 50-year warranty and will not delaminate
  • Roofing – shingles carry a minimum 30-year warranty
  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB), an engineered product, for roof and floor sheathing is extremely durable and does not require large trees to manufacture
  • Factory-built components, including trusses and pre-hung doors, allow for more efficient use of raw materials, reducing waste at the jobsite
  • Cedar trim on exterior is naturally decay resistant
  • High-strength foundations are made to stand up for generations

Recycled Materials

  • Wisconsin Home Construction MaterialsNearly 100% of our construction waste is sorted and recycled
  • Recycled plastic lumber and wood composite materials reduce the amount of chemically treated lumber and hardwoods used
  • Epoch deck surfacing material made from recycled plastic and wood sawdust
  • Recycled content carpet padding and carpeting
  • Built-in kitchen recycling center with two bins for homeowner use
  • Depending on selections, additional recycled content can be incorporatedWisconsin Home Heating Cooling

Heating & Cooling

  • When possible, home oriented to minimize winter winds and maximize solar access
  • 91% high-efficiency furnace with heat-recovery ventilator – captures up to 85% of the heat from indoor air and transfers to fresh air coming in to conserve energy
  • Furnace located to minimize length of total duct runs
  • High-efficiency 13 SEER air conditioning unit – saves energy and reduces pollutants
  • Setback thermostat for efficient temperature control

Building Materials

  • Wisconsin Home Building MaterialsContinuous Rboard Sheathing increases insulation “R” value; zero HCFCs
  • Engineered wood “I” joists and trusses for floors and roofs
  • Engineered lumber products for beams, joists and headers, windows, sub-floors and roof sheathing
  • CPVC plumbing lines insulate heat better than copper, resist bacterial growth and will not corrode
  • Windows have a U value of less than 0.35 and feature Low E glass and a thermally improved Spacer Bar to reduce the radiant heat transfer through the glass

Insulation & Air Infiltration

  • Wisconsin Home Builders Air FiltrationEnergy heel trusses maximize attic insulation above exterior walls
  • Total wall R value of 24.5; R-50 attic insulation
  • Tyvek® HomeWrap® minimizes air infiltration
  • Exterior foundation walls insulated from footings to top of foundation wall
  • Advanced sealing including foam applied around windows to seal out drafts
  • Can lights in insulated ceilings sealed and insulated
  • Homes easily pass blower door test

Indoor Air Quality

  • Indoor Air Quality Wisconsin New HomeVentilation with energy recovery – heat recovery ventilator exhausts sale indoor air and draws in tempered fresh air from outside before introducing into the heating system
  • Whole house dehumidification system
  • Direct-vented, sealed combustion gas fireplace – prevents CO contamination from backdrafting
  • Water heater is power vented
  • Direct-vented, sealed combustion furnace
  • Space-saver microwave vented to the outside
  • Upgraded Broan quiet fans ducted to outside with proper 6” venting
  • High-efficiency 4” media air filter (lasts 6 mo. to 1 yr)
  • Insulation and weather-sealed garage door to prevent CO infiltration
  • Foundation drainage system tied to sealed sump crock; rough-in venting for potential radon mitigation
  • Carbon monoxide detector

Efficient Appliances

  • Gas rough-in for appliances
  • Energy Star appliances, when applicable
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