Home Buyers Toolkit

LifeSTYLE Questionnaire

Wisconsin New Home BuildersDo you know exactly what kind of home you'd like to build? Maybe you have many different ideas and just haven't taken the time to write them all down. Our LifeSTYLE Questionnaire can help you evaluate your lifestyle and preferences for your new home.

Home Builder Comparison Checklist

We don't think you'll find another builder who builds a home with the same combination of advanced building practices and high-performance products as James Craig Builders. Use this checklist to compare for yourself.

Building a Home to Meet Your Best Interests

James Craig Builders know there is a difference between a house and a home. We don’t just want to build a place for you to live, we want to create a home you will truly love and enjoy for years to come. By using the LifeSTYLE Questionnaire, we can get a better understanding of exactly what you’re looking for.

We believe in providing the best service to our customers, which is why we created the Home builder Comparison Checklist. This list contains all the information you need about our advanced building practices in one place. Bring a copy when meeting with other Wisconsin home contractors and compare our services side-by-side. You’ll see how we always go above and beyond in terms of service and high-performance products.

Are You Ready to Design a House?

Before you break ground to build a new house, you have to know what you’re looking for in a home. After using the LifeSTYLE Questionnaire and going through the Home Builder Comparison Checklist, James Craig Builders will assist you with creating the perfect blueprint for your dream home before construction begins.

One of the greatest benefits of working with James Craig Builders is our years of experience. We have dealt with every homebuilding issue imaginable, making us your expert consultants. While we do everything from initial designs to building, here are some steps for our customers to ensure they are ready to begin designing a home.

  • Price Your Custom Home - Having a budget is your first step to designing a custom home. Everything from square footage to the number of bedrooms will cause your total costs to fluctuate. By figuring out how much you are willing to spend at the start, you will be able to afford your luxury home without worrying about expenses. James Craig Builders will help you understand new home pricing so you are comfortable when creating a budget.
  • Ask About Building Materials - At James Craig Builders, we use recycled and refurbished materials to make our homes environmentally friendly and to lower the costs of construction for our customers. We will tell you which materials are best for insulation, decorating, and energy-efficiency.
  • Take a Tour of Existing Model Homes - The many home models of James Craig Builders cover many different floor plans, square footage, and styles. This step can be especially helpful for considering minor touches, like which way certain doors should open or where to place appliances. You can also view some of our online floorplans to gain inspiration for your designs.
  • TIP: Bring a tape measure with you! Measure your current furniture and then compare it to the rooms in our model homes. This will give you a better idea of how much space you need.
  • Find What is Missing from Your Current Home - If you’re always lamenting the lack of storage space at your current house, be sure to consider space-saving techniques with your new designs. Or maybe your kitchen doesn’t have room for all the appliances you need. Take everything you dislike about your current home and use it to develop your wishlist.
  • Be Ready to Compromise - Many couples and families have different ideas for what constitutes their ideal home. Your kids may want a large play area while you’d rather have a mature study for getting work done. Not everyone will agree. Fortunately, our designers can help you consider options as a compromise, such as adding a finished basement as a playroom without giving up floor space for a study.
  • Show Your Plans to James Craig Designers - Our expert designers will take your plans and create a blueprint for your new house. Once you approve our custom floorplan, construction can begin!

After going through all of these steps, you'll be ready to contact James Craig Builders. Our team has the professional experience to make your dream home a reality.

Contact the Milwaukee home builders to meet with a professional new home consultant and start your dream home planning today.