Aubrey Model - Pewaukee, WI - The Buth's Home Builders Review

Waukesha County Home Builders Provide Beautiful Home for Beautiful Family

9 years ago when Jeff and I purchased our home, we were what you might call DINKS (duel income, no kids).  We never dreamed we would need anything more than the 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home in suburban Germantown. 

Well, after our 3rd baby arrived in 2010, the walls were closing in on us at a rapid pace.  Children sharing bedrooms, closets bursting at the seams, and a line to brush teeth at bedtime were wearing on everyone’s nerves. 

Jeff and I set about a house hunt with the goal of finding more space for our growing family.  We hoped to buy the home of our dreams, for a steal, given the current housing market.  Regrettably, what we found were homes that were poorly constructed, outdated, or in unfortunate locations.  What now?  Build, of course.

Once we settled on a lot, choosing the right builder was next on our list.  Several of our friends had built with James Craig and had nothing but good things to share.   As such, Craig made our “short list” and was quickly promoted to our top choice after comparing the quality of construction to other builders in the area.

We broke ground in April and had a busy 9 months of selections, meetings, phone calls, and of course, change orders.  Each step of the building process was so easy and enjoyable due to the dedicated and knowledgeable staff at James Craig.  We can honestly say that without the help of each person who worked on our build, from the sales team and designer, to the cabinet maker and finish carpenter, our house would not be a home!

Fast forward to January 2012 … Jeff and I could not be happier and more excited to move into our forever home!  We look forward to getting settled and enjoying all aspects of our new house – especially more space!

Thank you James Craig:  Craig, Jean, Selena, Troy, Dave, Vivian, Bill, Allison (and all the fabulous sub-contractors)

The James Craig Family would like to thank the Buth family for their review!

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