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James Craig Builders invites you to view the work of our skilled Milwaukee area home builders. We have provided photos of the amazing custom homes and rooms created by our new home builders. Step through all of our beautiful masterpieces from small family ranch homes to large two story works of art. Our custom home builders have worked tirelessly on each home, from the very first design of our clients dream homes to finishing touches and interior design. See how each room was designed and completed with the highest care and how the rooms have come together like puzzle pieces to complete each one of a kind home. Our homes and individual rooms are a testament to the precision and quality of our work. If you’re looking for your perfect home, you may find it among our gallery of expertly crafted custom homes in Wisconsin. Whether you’re considering the basic design of your future home or you’re ready to build, browse our gallery for ideas and plans which will help make your dream home a reality.

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